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Why the Teak Patio Furniture Craze?

9 Jul

Why the Teak Patio Furniture Craze?

Teak patio furniture has become incredibly popular over the past few years – LiveIn|LiveOut take a look at why this is.

To give you a bit of background and to help our own understanding of what teak actually is, we have done a bit of research for you. Teak is a type of wood that comes from the mint family and native to south and South East Asia. Teak is yellowish brown in colour and is from the tropical hardwood genus. The fact that this wood is a hard wood lends itself to a variety of hard wearing uses. This wood is most commonly used outside for uses such as boat decking and outside furniture. This is because of, not only it’s hard wearing properties, but also its weather resistant ones too. It is also used inside the house for a myriad of uses such as chopping boards, floorboards and countertops.

The best uses for teak furniture

If you are looking for a hard wearing hard wood for practical purposes then you should consider teak. Particularly if you want some outdoor furniture that will withstand the elements I would go for this variety of wood. Teak patio furniture not only looks good, but will give you the peace of mind that it will last throughout the winter months. This is really important as you really don’t want to be buying replacement sets every other year.

Teak is an extremely durable material and withstands plenty abuse from the wind, rain and sun. All you will have to do is oil your furniture once every season to keep its properties at their very best. It really is pointless spending less on a set of outdoor furniture that will fall apart – This is not cost effective in the long run.


A set of teak wood patio furniture varies in price dependant on the size you would need it. But if you are keeping to a budget, then it may be worth looking at some teak patio furniture clearance sales that are always going on in your local stores. Bearing this in mind, it may also be a good idea to go at the end of the summer season where you would without a doubt pick up some bargains – discount teak patio furniture at excellent prices are what everyone wants!

Different styles of teak outdoor patio furniture

Once you have decided on what sort of wood you want for your outdoor patio set, you will next have to ascertain what size you would like your table to be and how many seats you will need. A table and chair set won’t necessarily be just for you, but you will have to bear in mind any guests you may have over and how many parties you plan on organizing during the BBQ season! If your outdoor furniture set needs to be small enough to fit on a step of decking then be sure to measure the distance including the space for the chairs. One thing that many people forget is to include the measurements for the chairs to be pulled out from under the table so your guests are able to sit down! This may sound ridiculous, but it has been an issue with some.

Once you know what size to search for and how many seats you will need, look at different styles.
We have compiled a list of ideas that you may find helpful.

Party Planner?

Are you a party planner? Do you like having guests over to share a large glass of wine with? If you don’t have the overall space for a massive table to sit many people at you may want to look at extendable tables. These can be erected on the day of your gathering and then neatly stored away once everyone has gone home. do a super example of a teak extendable table in Indonesian teak. It is beautiful and simple and comes with a 5 piece set of chairs, perfect for those dining evenings with your family and friends. If you want to check this out it is listed as Indonesian Teak Extension Dining Set – 5 Piece.

Designer Teak

Do you have more of a designers taste? Are you looking for something a bit different to complete your garden and match your sleek style? You can get some really simple, cleaned lined pieces of furniture that will look great in any contemporary setting.

Traditional Style

Traditional styling also has its place and teak outdoor patio furniture can follow this traditional style too. Frontgate patio furniture have a range of teak patio furniture sets that comes with removable cushion seats, which is perfect for if you were looking for a little more comfort with your choice. Alternatively this type of furniture can be used inside in a conservatory and will look equally as stunning.

Whatever style you are looking for there are choices that cater for all tastes and budgets so be sure to keep your eyes open for some end of line sets as well as the top priced ones, as you can get yourself a bargain if you shop at the right time of year.