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Round Mirror, Square Mirror or Long mirror?

13 Sep

Round Mirror, Square Mirror or Long mirror?

An integral house accessory is a mirror. This could be any shape or design, but whichever shape or size you may choose, will do a myriad of beneficial things. There are so many on the market at the present time, and shopping for one can be an ordeal if you don’t do your research first. To begin with, it is advisable to ascertain for what purpose you will need a mirror and where it might live in your home. There are so many reasons why any type of mirror is such a good accessory to have so we have decided to list a few of these below in the hope it may point you in the right direction:

Mirrors will help to create more space and light in your home

This is without a doubt one of the most positive benefits of placing a mirror in your home. It is ideal if you have a small space such as a hall or tiny bathroom. A mirror will immediately add space as you are virtually creating a reflected space of what is already there. Think about when you go into a small shop for instance and all of the walls are mirrored, as you are browsing through the rails of clothes you turned towards more space or ‘another rail’ to find that it is only a reflection! This is a really excellent use for a large wall mirror as it gives the impression of having more than what is already there. More space makes people feel open and not closed in, thus making them feel more at home and less trapped. This is a really simple idea, but also really effective, so whichever mirror you choose make sure it is a big one!

A mirror also helps to create more light by reflecting from whichever source it may come from, be it a window or bulb and will reflect into the mirror and bounce around the room. Light and airy houses look more refreshed and up to date, and altogether more modern so a mirror for this use is equally as ideal to create that beautiful homely feel that everyone aspires to.

Mirrors make it easier for you to dress

We all know that there are some people who can sort out what they are going to wear the next day and prepare it in advance, but we are not all like that and usually leave things to the last minute…If this is the case, you will need access to a full length mirror in the morning when you have some vague idea as to what you may wish to wear. This is because you can check in a full length mirror whether you need to bother ironing something or if the shoes go with the skirt. Now, if you don’t have access to a full length mirror in this case you will be trying to either a) Stand on the toilet seat to grab a view of the bottom section of yourself or b) Be stood on your bed attempting to do the same by jumping up and down trying to make a judgment in those few split seconds that you are all in view. Let me tell you, it is worth going out and purchasing a full length mirror if only for this purpose. It will leave you a lot less stressed before work.

Mirrors are great for wall art too

Mirrors are great to create something unique in your home. By using a series of smaller round mirrors, you can position them in a really nice splash across your lounge wall. Round wall mirrors look great used in this way, as they have a sort of retro sixties feel if they have been positioned against some really funky, bold wall paper. At night, a series of these smaller round mirrors will bounce the light around the room helping to achieve a more relaxed and ambient surroundings. The twinkle of mirrors will help to really bring your room alive and be a great talking point with your guests. In a similar vein, by using a really large round mirror, it will help to reflect more light and will create more space as we discussed earlier, but it will also create a fantastic centre piece in your home. A round wall mirror will always look impressive and the beauty of it’s curvature will soften your décor.

Square wall mirrors can be equally as interesting if you position them in a cubist fashion. If you choose to put them in a step formation they could also look really nice. Really though, what you choose to do is up to you, but try to use your creativity as it helps to use mirrors in a alternative ways so that you can benefit from all the practical positives as well as creating something different from what anyone else may have in their home. try looking for an art deco miror.

Create ‘Space’ with a Large Wall Mirror

13 Aug

Create ‘Space’ with a Large Wall Mirror

Any mirror in your home gives it that added extra of sumptuous luxury and sparkling exuberance. The idea of a mirror is traditionally to view yourself in, or at least to see a reflection of something, but today a mirror is used in many different ways and for many different reasons. A mirror can be used for a bit of interest and a modern day piece of art. There are so many different shapes and designs that can inspire you to purchase a mirror for this reason and will look great on a blank wall to add personality and interest into your space.

Another reason for purchasing a mirror in general is, apart from the obvious practical reason, an instant way to add in and create more space than you already have in your home. A mirror adds depth and is used by top interior designers as a ‘cheat’ to achieve perceived space as the mirror as a material; bounces light around the room also allowing more light to enter. Here at LiveIn|LiveOut we have researched a few of the most recommended space creating places for you to position your large wall mirror. Large wall mirrors are specifically ideal for this purpose as the greater the area of the reflective surface the greater area you are adding into your space.

Where to position your large wall mirror

If you decide that your house needs more light or a sense of extra perceived space then you may want to consider purchasing one. Take a look around your home and start by ascertaining where the problem areas lie – for instance if you have a dark hallway or a cramped bathroom then you may want to begin in these areas.

Boxed in bathroom – This can be an ideal place to position a large wall mirror if you are lacking natural light or the room is so small it makes you feel a little claustrophobic. An illuminated bathroom mirror could be the answer to this, not only will your bathroom benefit from the added extra of an additional light source, it will instantly add more space into your room.

Hemmed in hallway – This is usually the most common problem area in a home. Usually the hallway lacks natural light and is quite narrow but you want some sort of personality to welcome your guests at the front door to your home. A wall mirror will help the lighting issue if you do have some source of natural light, and the larger the mirror that you choose will give instant ‘space’. In order to address the personality issue we would recommend looking around for a mirror with a frame that will add interest – for instance an art deco mirror, a Venetian mirror or a cheval mirror. All of these are just ideas for you to consider when looking for the correct mirror for your home.

Bedroom Boudoir – A mirror in you bedroom is a really good idea, as for a lady it can be used as a makeup mirror or positioned on a vanity unit. You can also place a large wall mirror on a wall where you could stand back and view yourself after getting suited and booted to check everything is in order.

Longing for a luxurious lounge – We all spend a great deal of time in our lounges. It is the place where you relax and put your feet up to watch Saturday night television at the weekends and somewhere where you settle down and put down the days troubles during the week. The more space that you can create in your lounge the more it will help you to relax and by being surrounded by some really interesting objects d’art that are personal to you will give you the head start to really feeling at home. You may have a particular style that you may wish to take through your whole house or you may also just want something simply contemporary to add a little glimpse of sparkle to the corner of your lounge. An over mantle mirror nicely frames your fireplace and adds instant depth above the fire. An overmantle mirror can be ornate or styled in your favorite era and placed above the fire will look simply stunning. Alternatives to a single mirror could be a series of round mirrors placed in any fashion in order to create a wall of art. The ideas are endless as long as you think about what you wish to achieve.

Where to get your large wall mirror

The answer to this question is really up to you, as there are so many shops that offer so many varying styles. Your choice of mirror really depends on your own taste but when you are choosing be brave and opt for a large mirror as you will get many benefits from it – space and light reflecting, a mirror is still the most favored item on an interior designers most wanted list!

The Beautiful Art Deco Mirror

7 Jul

The Beautiful Art Deco Mirror

Art Deco is one of the most popular styles today. It brings with it grace and elegance and stunning creativity. Art deco, for all those that are new to this phrase is taken from a period around the 20’s. Originally from Paris, it brought a recognizable eclectic style found nowhere else in the world. Art deco was named this around the 1960’s, where it inspired artists, designers, architects and industrial designers alike. The Chrysler building in New York was heavily influenced by this style and you can find smaller items that can be found around the home such as mirrors and brushes following this style in a similar vein. It’s architectural decadence makes this one style in history to not be forgotten. It has been replicated over the centuries and still remains as popular today as it once was.

Art deco styling makes your home look stylish and chic. It looks beautiful with a simply designed house so that the key pieces speak for themselves.

Typically, when you think of art deco styling, you may think of fanned, elegant lines. This is shown in most of the mirror selections you can buy today. Black and silver colouring was also reminiscent to the simplicity of this style. If you look at a typical art deco mirror it will fall within these categories.

Looking for an original?

If you are looking for an original art deco mirror you will have to do a bit of research as to where the nearest sale rooms or antiques dealers are in your area. If you are willing to travel a little further you will open up the possibilities by looking around your nearest city. You can purchase an original but with it will come quite a hefty price tag. It all depends on your budget but you can pick up some bargains if you keep your eyes open around the charity shops, you may just be lucky enough to discover an unnoticed treasure! www.sheryls-artdeco.co.uk offer a range of varying deco styles from wood framed to wrought iron styled original designs. It may be worth having a look at this site for a few ideas. There are quite an array of different styles that may take your fancy and they come in at around £500 each.

What about reproduction art deco mirrors?

This is one of the easiest ways to bag yourself an art deco mirror without too much fuss. They will be cheaper than an original and there are some really good reproduction art deco wall mirrors out there for you to have a look at. Here, we have given you a few examples of art deco mirror to bear in mind:

  • Amazon.com features a stunning Starburst faceted mirror – Art Deco Starburst Mirror. This is simply stunning and typically depicts the traditional design of that period. It’s floral round faceted finish will look beautiful in any home bouncing light off of all of the segments.
  • You could look at a few alternative designs on amazon such as the ‘Art deco glass wall mirror’ and ‘Winecoff art deco wall mirror. The glass wall mirror is made up of tiered faceted pieces of glass to create a stunning piece of rectangular artwork as well as a functional wall hung mirror. The Winecoff design has more of the detail in the frame itself. Another example is the multi level art deco wall mirror. It resembles a flagstone paved finish by the way that the pieces have been put together in a mosaic fashion. Any flamboyant design like these will without a doubt become a centerpiece in your home, adding interest to a shady corner or a blank wall.
  • If you are looking for more impact then you may want to think about a larger art deco mirror. A large art deco mirror will give your home style and will also give the appearance of more space. Any mirror in a small space will make the room seem twice as big and twice as light, as the light reflects and re-bounds off the reflective surface. If you wanted a simple large mirror in this style have a look at more subtle designs with a plainer finish and simpler frame. The works of Veronica Ossio, Novica show the beauty of this art deco styling. She uses Onyx in her framework rather than making the feature out of fragmented glass. This will give you a cleaner look – NOVICA Mirror, ‘Art Deco Rose’ is available through amazon.

Positioning your art deco mirror

It is important to place your mirror in the correct place. This will not only allow you to showcase this beautiful object, but also use it in a space expanding way. The ideal place for any mirror is in a small area. By giving the impression of space, this beautiful object d’art will help to maximize overall perceived space. Adding a bit of personality into your house is really key to making it feel like a home. Try to add in a few more pieces of art deco styling around your home and perhaps think about adding in an art deco bathroom mirror into your spa area. By adding in different pieces of a similar style into your home, will help to bring all of your other styles together.